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About The Book

The Big Gig is an intriguing and comprehensive insider’s guide for independent musicians who want to break into the highly competitive music industry. And it's much more! The Big Gig is a metaphor for the big picture of life. Channeling music industry savvy from the stage to the page, Zoro provides a template for success – for everyone, regardless of career – by covering the vocational, personal and spiritual aspects of achievement.

Readers will be given backstage access with Zoro’s refreshing straight talk and colorful anecdotes. Go deeper with Z as he gives personal interviews at the beginning of each chapter via Quick Response Code technology, which allows smartphones and dedicated QR Readers to scan two-dimensional barcodes to activate video recordings. Think you have what it takes to make it? Take our Big Gig quiz and find out.

With more than 400 motivational quotes, The Big Gig is certain to awaken the dreamer in all of us and help lead the way to purposeful living and personal fulfillment. Inspiring readers to aspire higher, the Minister of Groove reveals the true power behind the art of success. It’s nothing short of life changing.


  • Foreword by Lenny Kravitz (Read online)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Prelude: The Gift of Music
  • Introduction
  • How My Dream Started
  1. The Art of Accompaniment: The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Musician
  2. The Art of Vision: Defining the Dream
  3. The Art of Strategy: Implementing Your Plans for Success
  4. The Art of Attitude: Realizing the Power of Excellence
  5. The Art of Learning: Keys to Developing Your Talent
  6. The Art of Practicing: Learning Methods for Maximum Growth
  7. The Art of Interpretation: Mastering the Language of Music
  8. The Art of Preparation: Getting Ready for the Audition
  9. The Art of Understanding: Major Factors for Landing the Big Gig
  10. The Art of Reacting: Coping with the Audition Outcome
  11. The Art of Gigging: Carving Out a Living
  12. The Art of Recording: Succeeding in the Session World
  13. The Art of Touring: The Business of Live Concerts
  14. The Art of Advancement: Making the Most of the Road
  15. The Art of Self-Management: Taking Care of Business
  16. The Art of Networking: Building Working Relationships
  17. The Art of Marketing: The Necessity of Self-promotion
  18. The Art of Sponsorship: Understanding How Endorsements Work
  19. The Art of Diversification: Expanding Your Career Opportunities
  20. The Art of Self Control: Living Free From Addictions
  21. The Art of Commitment: Thriving in Your Personal Relationships
  22. The Art of Giving: Living a Life of Purpose

Bonus Material:

  • The Big Gig Quiz—50 questions to help determine your chances of scoring the big gig
  • About The Author
  • About The Book
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" If you want a blueprint for a successful and purposeful life and want to truly understand what it takes to live the dream, I highly recommend you read this book. You will be inspired beyond your imagination, in a profoundly deep and meaningful way."

Quincy Jones
Grammy Award-Winning Producer for Such Legends as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles