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Praise For The Big Gig

Zoro’s book activates the dreamer in all of us and teaches us that dreams always have a corresponding plan of action that brings about their fulfillment. This heartfelt book informs, educates, directs and challenges us to reach our potential and be all we were created to be. Filled with deep words of wisdom, The Big Gig is one of the most thorough, absorbing and insightful texts written on the art of being an artist that I have ever read. If you want a blueprint for a successful and purposeful life and want to truly understand what it takes to live the dream, I highly recommend you read this book. You will be inspired beyond your imagination, in a profoundly deep and meaningful way.
- Quincy Jones - Grammy Award-Winning Producer for Such Legends as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles

Regardless of your chosen profession, the business principles revealed in The Big Gig will empower you with the necessary vision to begin the journey and equip you with the tools needed to complete the task of climbing to the top. A masterpiece of motivation for everyone!
- Philippe Schaeffer - President Rolex (France)

Although Zoro has played around the world as a premier drummer, his greater purpose is one of a motivator. … His music and life lessons are about using your God-given talents to the maximum. … (This book) was created as an act of love from a humble servant who would love to see you follow your vision and turn your dreams into reality.
- Lenny Kravitz - Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist

From my first encounter with Zoro, his zeal has been motivating, powerful and infectious. I hope Zoro’s unique experiences and the wisdom he has acquired through the years will be a blessing to you, as I believe Zoro to be one of the true gifts to pure artistry.
- Stephen Baldwin - Actor, Film Maker, Author

The Big Gig is a story of persistence, diligence and faith, as well as a wealth of information. It’s an inspirational book packed full of tools for anyone wanting to do great things in life.  
- Joyce Meyer - Best-Selling Author and Bible Teacher

Zoro and I grew up on different ends of the country and in different time periods, but we share one huge trait in common – we are both dreamers. Another amazing parallel is that just like me Zoro was inspired as a kid by Frank Sinatra. Like the Chairman of the Board, both Zoro and I were blessed to live our dreams. And now Zoro's book, The Big Gig, can be a terrific guide for the road to YOUR dreams.
- Frankie Valli - Lead Singer of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; Co-Creator of Jersey Boys Broadway Musical

One of the keys to succeeding in life is to serve others wholeheartedly with the gift you have been given. However, there is an art to excelling at that which few understand. In The Big Gig, Zoro reveals that there is an art to every aspect of the creative and purposeful life. Throughout the book, he serves readers well by equipping them with motivating principles that will help them understand the many stages of development and giving them keys to unlocking their hidden potential. This book is a must-read for anyone who is chasing a dream and longs to strike that quintessential balance between life and art.
- Steve Gadd - Drummer for Such Artists as Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney

Zoro is one of the best drummers with whom I’ve ever worked and one of the nicest people I have ever met. And the fact that he would take his years of expertise about the music business and write them down solely for the benefit of others is a little mind bending, because it’s no easy task. Encouragement, putting people in the right direction, and giving nods and pats on the back are easy. But to really share your life with people is another story. That’s what a person does when he really cares. Success happens when preparation and opportunity meet. In this book, Zoro shows you how to be more prepared and how to look for better opportunities.
- Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitarist for American Idol, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, America’s Got Talent and Such Artists as Michael Jackson, Elton John and Aretha Franklin 

The Big Gig, the really Big Gig, is our life and how we choose to live it. This book has many practical and powerful tips for learning and growing as a musician, but it also helps you connect your music to who you are as a person and challenges you to learn and grow as a fully rounded human being.
- Roger Brown - President Berklee College of Music

Inspiring, sincere and honest. Zoro’s The Big Gig goes right to the heart of the matter – you. Much more than a “how to get a gig” guide, this book addresses the core issues critical for success in any creative field.
- Michael Kenyon - Executive Director Percussive Arts Society

You don’t meet guys like Zoro often. He’s an extremely talented artist with a heart for helping people reach their potential. The Big Gig is a must read.
- Jason Kennedy - Weekend Anchor E! Entertainment Television

As a young man, Zoro captivated me with his drumming and natural ability to communicate verbally. Now, he captivates us all with the powerful thoughts and masterful instruction contained in this book. I believe The Big Gig is the most comprehensive and inspiring book in print on the art, business and soul of being a musician.
- Al McKay Grammy - Award Winning Guitarist for Earth, Wind & Fire and Songwriter

The Big Gig is a philosophy of accomplishment. In it, Zoro opens his head and his heart to life in the music lane.
- Vic Firth - President Vic Firth Company

Because of his success and longevity as a player, author, educator, clinician, and motivational speaker, Zoro is the only one I can think of who is legitimately qualified to cover the broad scope of this book with total authority. Zoro does an extraordinary job of merging the art of performing with the art of commerce and gives a blueprint for connecting heart, soul, mind, and body to your craft and life’s purpose.
- Davey Johnstone - Musical Director and Guitarist for Elton John

Incredibly inspirational. True American success story. Strong family values with a wonderful mother who truly inspired her children!
- George Weiss - Founder Say Yes To Education

The Big Gig could easily be considered a manual – a must-read for ALL musicians who desire to get a further glimpse into the music business as well as specific tools for developing the skills to get to the next level or levels you hope and pray to achieve.
- Ron Tutt - Drummer for Elvis Presley

In His infinite grace, God has granted His children specific gifts to be used for His pleasure and to His Glory! Zoro does just that as a highly skilled musician who not only exhibits what he obviously was created to do but also inspires young adults to realize and fulfill their God-given dreams and potential. In The Big Gig, Zoro passionately shares his love for music as well as life-earned lessons about the path to meaningful relationships and true success. This book will touch your heart, and I highly recommend it.
- Dr. Wess Stafford - President and CEO Compassion International

The Big Gig – a totally inspiring read – sums up the drive of someone following his dream. The book explains how everyone – whether a musician like Zoro or any other professional following what the Good Lord has gifted him with – can deal with the ups and downs, good and bad, bumps and bruises, and the rewards. It is about time a book like this is written. Gracias, Zoro. Keep up the love.
- Luis Conte - Percussionist for Dancing With The Stars and Such Artists as Madonna, Celine Dion and James Taylor

Zoro has a way – from his personal journey – of conveying all the inner truths of inspiration, mechanics, pitfalls and secrets of the world of music making. A must-read. Take the journey!
- Will Lee - Grammy Award-Winning Bassist on Late Show With David Letterman and for Such Artists as James Brown, Mick Jagger and Aretha Franklin

If anyone could write a book on this topic with the wisdom of having lived it, Zoro would be my choice. The book is a Godsend to anyone looking for a lasting career in the music business.
- Mark Nelson - Vice President, Drums and Percussion Division, Guitar Center, Inc.

This book is written in an unusual fashion by an unusual man, who loves the Lord and his family in an unusually wonderful way. He has written a textbook for life that everyone should read. My prayer for Zoro and this book is that everyone who sees it or hears about it will not miss the chance to read it.
- Ken Barun - Senior Vice President Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

The inner workings of the music industry can be hard to understand. In this book, Zoro tackles many of the pitfalls and issues a young artist might face. It’s always good to have a roadmap or a GPS. The Big Gig can serve as a guide to those looking to navigate an ever-changing road.
- Michael W. Smith - Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist and Songwriter

Zoro is an extraordinary performer and teacher. Under his guidance, our students have flourished not only as musicians but as human beings of vision and faith. The Big Gig offers the same inspiring message of personal achievement to countless others.
- Dr. Cynthia Curtis - Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Belmont University

I cannot imagine what my life in this business would have been like if I’d had THIS book when I was starting out. But like all things God-given, it comes at the perfect time … right now.
- Tommy Sims - Bassist, Producer and Songwriter for Such Artists as Eric Clapton, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen and Bonnie Raitt

Zoro has put together a very fascinating read which, for the first time, thoroughly explains the details inside the music industry from a sideman's (hired musician) perspective. The Big Gig will educate, motivate, inspire, and enlighten anyone with the dream of becoming a successful musician. This is a must read!
- Keith Carlock - Drummer for Such Artists as John Mayer, Sting, Steely Dan and James Taylor

In his book, Zoro gives thanks to ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for allowing me the privilege of partnering with them in the great work they do around the world to change the lives of children.’ The thanks go both ways, and we appreciate Zoro’s work with children facing adversity in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. As an educator, inspiration and mentor, Zoro adds to his life’s work as a musician. With the publication of The Big Gig, writer is one more title he now acquires!
- Karen Mathis - President and CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Of the thousands of musicians I’ve contracted (to play with famous recording artists), one rose to the top and that is Zoro. As a friend, Zoro is in my heart. As a businessman, Zoro is in my mind. And as a drummer, Zoro is in my soul
- Steve Trudell - Trudell Orchestras’ National Contractor for Such Artists as Josh Groban, Barry Manilow and Michael Bublé

I believe there is a universal human desire to make music. And yet, so many give up on their dream or worse – they never even try. Zoro’s life story and his sources of inspiration shared in The Big Gig can be a key to unlock your musical dreams. Whether you aspire to tour and play on the world’s great stages, have a recording career or express your musical dreams as a music educator or member of your local church band, Zoro’s message is clear: Believe in yourself and believe in music! 
- Joe Lamond - President/CEO National Association of Music Merchants

The Big Gig is a wonderful message of triumph wrought by the perennial insistence that goodness and a genuinely joyful spirit can and will conquer life’s challenges. This book is easy to read because it is written with the language of simple truth and the intimacy of a real and friendly voice.
- Abraham Laboriel - Bassist for Such Artists as Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand and Ray Charles

I have known Zoro for a very long time. Every time we’re together, I happily discover new things about drumming and more importantly about life. This is not a drumming book but rather a life book. He provides a blueprint for “making it” in this very difficult business of music. The core principles Z lays out – dedication, passion, discipline, service, selflessness – are sound life principles which also will make you a heck of a musician. As a teacher, I was particularly taken by the Art of Practicing chapter, which provides wonderful observations and sound strategies for improvement. Get this book! It may change your drumming, your life, and make you smile.  
- Steve Houghton - Professor of Jazz and Percussion – Indiana University Percussive Arts Society Past President

Zoro is a master. He has walked boldly, faithfully and with the confidence of victory being his reward. Lock into Zoro's insight and wisdom, which only the God of heaven could impart.
- Peter Furler - Songwriter, Artist, Producer and Former Lead Singer of Newsboys

The Big Gig ignites, delights and will help you soar to the highest of heights. An essential and exciting read for everyone. Let Zoro funkify your life in a way that only the Minister of Groove could do!
- Sinbad - Comedian, Actor, Television Producer

Zoro’s genius extends far beyond the throne behind the drum kit. He knows that creating great music is only one piece of creating a great life. This book is not only for musicians eager to perfect their craft, it's for anyone who wants to know how the soul, body, heart, and mind are meant to work in harmony to form a life rich with meaning and purpose.
- Ian Morgan Cron - Author of Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale and Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me: A Memoir...Of Sorts 

Some of us share all the wisdom we have acquired in our journey to inspire the next generation. This book is a ‘one stop’ for all. I will be using this for my educational programs.
- Eddie Bayers - Drummer for Such Artists as Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Trisha Yearwood and Vince Gill

The Big Gig is written from the heart. It encourages, inspires and educates. Ed Soph Professor in Jazz Studies and Performance Divisions University of North Texas Zoro's vast experience provides a rare insider's look at the highs and lows of a musician's journey. This book is a real inspiration for anyone who wants to know what it takes to survive in the jungle that is the music business.
- Shawn Pelton - Drummer for Saturday Night Live Band and Such Artists as Shawn Colvin, Kelly Clarkson and Brecker Brothers

The Big Gig is a roadmap to your destination in the music industry. Wherever you choose to go, there are words of wisdom that will help get you there. Zoro reminds us that while the music industry is in a state of change the fundamental principles of success are not. Zoro takes a complex subject and breaks it down into simple, easy-to-understand truths.  
- Cliff Castle - Co-founder Audix Microphones

Anyone reading The Big Gig and taking seriously Zoro’s ideas and recommendations can undoubtedly improve their lives, professions, and relationships. It also gives those who already have successful lives an opportunity to reflect and better understand how they achieved their own goals. The Big Gig is a classic read for everyone.
- Don M. Essig - PhD Author and Motivational Speaker

To live the dream while maintaining a servant’s heart describes Zoro and his book, The Big Gig. If you want to find success in all aspects of life and have a life that is purpose driven, read this book.
- Dr. Jeff Kirk - Associate Dean, Performance Studies Belmont University

In today's culture, one rarely looks to celebrities as role models or for inspiration. I truly appreciate Zoro's book, which works to inspire a generation of young people and musicians with reliable standards of right and wrong based on faith and with good advice on how to turn dreams into reality. Musicians and non-musicians alike will appreciate his book, replete with the hope that a talent from God can become a career with meaning and purpose.
- Gary Bauer - President American Values

The Big Gig will connect to the heart of every reader because it’s real and genuinely relatable. If you want to be a winner in the game of life, you need to read this book.
- T.G. Sheppard - Country Music Recording Artist

Zoro may seem like another rock star drummer. But once you talk with him, it becomes quickly apparent that Zoro is an anointed man of God. Zoro is a phenomenal husband, father, musician, speaker and author, with wisdom about how to do all these things with excellence. His words and thoughts hold great value.
- Ed Cash - Producer and Songwriter for Such Artists as Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman

Zoro is one of the most unique people I have ever met, and I mean that in the most positive sense possible. He is an amazing combination of artist, educator, devoted family man, friend and encourager. His book, The Big Gig, is sure to challenge and inspire you in life-changing ways. I encourage anyone looking to live his or her life with a greater sense of purpose to read it. I am grateful to call Zoro a friend. He is truly one of a kind.
- Lincoln Brewster - Recording Artist and Songwriter

From the very first time I met Z, it was apparent we both share a passion for Christ and a mission to empower kids. His testimony as a former little brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is both powerful and entertaining. This book displays the depth of the man and his dedication to taking his own unique gifting to the maximum and inspires others to their own level of greatness.  
- Lowell Perry, Jr. - Chief Executive Officer Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

Zoro is one spectacular individual. His principles revealed in The Big Gig are solid, his thinking is clear and his passion for life, music and others is obvious. How can you not like a book from a guy who is rooting so much for you to win in life?
- Bruce Adolph - Publisher Christian Musician Magazine

The Big Gig is a fantastic book packed with enough motivation, inspiration and education to fuel anyone’s dream no matter what it is. Throughout its pages Zoro reminds us of the potential for greatness that lies inside each of us and shows you step-by-step what it actually takes to achieve excellence in all areas of your life. A well-crafted manual for the complete picture of success and a must read for all!
- Kathi Lee Gifford – Co-Host of NBC’s Today Show & Former Host of Live with Regis & Kathie Lee

This book is an excellent and practical guide on how to be everything that you were meant to be. It's a 'must read'.
- Joe Watkins – MSNBC Political Analyst

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"If anyone could write a book on this topic with the wisdom of having lived it, Zoro would be my choice. The book is a Godsend to anyone looking for a lasting career in the music business."

Mark Nelson
Vice President, Drums and Percussion Division, Guitar Center, Inc.